Who Is the Raymond Group?

Founded in 1976, Raymond Roofing and Associates Inc. now boast more than 290 employees and operate across a variety of construction sectors via their five divisions: The Residential Roofing division, the Commercial Roofing division, the Exterior division, the Preventive and Maintenance Services division and the Specialized General Contractor division.

TRG always seeks to improve its skills and knowledge base and so remains vigilante in the search for new technologies. The group was among the first companies in the region to offer environmental roofing technologies that make it possible to install greenery on a roof or to replace the traditional black coating, which accumulates a lot of heat, with a white coating. These are significant advances in the industry and which The Raymond Group is proud to promote.

In addition, The Raymond Group offers the highest degree of expertise in the installation, maintenance and repair of roofs and cladding in all commercial, institutional and residential markets. This expertise is represented by the highest standards of professional service in the industry.




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