Commercial Exterior Veneers

Commercial Exterior Siding

As the result of a profound mission and deep desire to remain a leader in the field of commercial exterior siding, The Raymond Group has developed the highest levels of industry expertise

Our many satisfied customers can attest to our finely honed reputation for quality products, exceptional service and deep respect to our commitments toward budget and timelines.

The choice of an exterior wall cladding must take into consideration several factors, including aesthetics and architecture, the building's function, the climatic conditions to which it will be exposed, the budget, durability and maintenance costs in addition to applicable municipal codes.

This is why the Raymond Group, via its Exterior Cladding division, guides business decision makers through these choices. Raymond Group managers as well as workers in the field ensure that a full range of the most innovative and efficient materials are available and the latest installation techniques are mastered.

Commercial Exterior Siding


For us, every project is feasible. We accept projects of any size. No project is too simple or too complex. See some of our achievements.

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