Exterior Commercial Siding

Exterior Commercial Siding

Exterior Siding

As a leader in the industry, Raymond Group, via its Wall Veneer division – Raymond Exterior Veneer Inc. – stays on top of leading edge products and technologies, to offer only the best commercial wall veneer solutions, tailored to your needs and your reality. 

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Commercial Exterior Veneers

A leader in the industry, The Raymond Group offers products at the technological forefront of cladding for commercial buildings, adapted to the needs and realities of business today.

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Exterior cladding materials

Whether you choose vinyl, aluminum, fibro-cement, wood fiber, masonry (brick, roughcast sand finish or stucco and natural stone), you can rely on our professional and experienced team to install your exterior claddings.

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For us, every project is feasible. Nothing is too simple or too complex. See some of our achievements below.

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The Raymond Group strives to offer exceptional quality services in each of its five divisions: Commercial Roofing, Residential Roofing, Exterior veneers, Commercial Service and Maintenance, and General Contractors. Visit the website to learn more.