Commercial Services and Maintenance

Preventive maintenance services 

Preventive maintenance services provide businesses with peace of mind because maintenance costs are significantly lower than repair costs. The Raymond Group knows that after the installation of a high quality roof, to extend its lifespan, maintenance is of the utmost importance. This is why the division offers a complete range of services and maintenance for commercial roofs. These services include corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, improvement maintenance and snow removal.

In the event of an emergency or leak, Raymond Roofing's roof experts are in the best position to react quickly.


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Corrective maintenance

A leaking or damaged roof requires quick and effective intervention. Our team of experts is poised 24/7 to respond to your requests for preventive maintenance and repairs

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Preventive maintenance

If properly maintained, the lifespan of a roof should be 15 years. By developing a maintenance program, you will maximize the reliability and life span of your roof, while respecting your budget.

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Building Improvements

Whether to enhance aesthetics, increase comfort or raise its value or energy efficiency, improvement work must be entrusted to an expert like TRG. Entrust your improvement work to us.

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Snow removal

Snow and ice accumulation on a roof can cause damage and impede water flow. Above all, it presents a danger of waterproofing failure and, in extreme situations, collapse. It’s best to leave this task to experts.

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The Raymond Group strives to offer exceptional quality services in each of its five divisions: Commercial Roofing, Residential Roofing, Exterior veneers, Commercial Service and Maintenance, and General Contractors. Visit the website to learn more.