Our Team of Experts

At TRG, professionalism and customer service are the fuel that ignites our priorities. Our experts are always ready to assist and offer advice in any situation. Our employees all have access to continuous training from our suppliers and professional associations to improve their skills and knowledge and to stay abreast of the very latest techniques and technologies used in our industry.

Name Position Phone
Alain RaymondPresident819 777-7770 Ext: 113Email
Marco VaillancourtManaging Director 819 777-7770 Ext: 123Email
Pierre LafontaineVice-president, Business development activites819 777-7770 Ext: 124Email
Karine MathewsExecutive Assistant819 777-7770 Ext: 168Email
Lydia ChalutHuman ressources819 777-7770 Ext: 164Email
Renée HouleFinance Director819 777-7770 Ext: 148Email
Nathalie CoulombeController819 777-7770 Ext: 115Email
Yannicke St DenisSenior Accounting Technician819 777-7770 Ext: 143Email
Karine DeschâteletsAccountant technician819 777-7770 Ext: 159Email
Marielle MorinAccounts Receivable819 777-7770 Ext: 122Email
Nathalie BlanchardAccounting and Payroll819 777-7770 Ext: 133Email
Valérie FilionAdministrative assistant819 777-7770 Ext: 110Email
Simon PerrasLogistics Coordinator819 777-7770 Ext: 129Email
Guy Lalonde Health Security Coordinateur819-777-7770 Email
Name Position Phone
Marc-André DanisDirector819 777-7770 Ext: 111Email
Gonzalo FiallosSenior Estimator819 777-7770 Ext: 125Email
Zackary EthierEstimator819 777-7770 Ext: 138Email
Jean-Frédérick LamirandeProject manager819 777-7770 Ext: 151Email
Hicham AkkiProject manager819-777-7770 Ext: 134Email
Richard BitarProject manager819-777-7770 Ext: 140Email
Anne-Marie GeageaProject Coordinator819-777-7770 Ext: 116Email
Johnny HabkaProject Coordinator819-777-7770 Ext: 263Email
André-Felix ComeauProject Coordinator819-777-7770 Ext: 135Email
Katheryne DiotteProject Coordinator819-777-7770 Ext: 147Email
Roxanne LavigneProject Assistant819-777-7770 Ext: 166Email
Sylvain CushmanSuperintendent819-777-7770 Ext: 137Email
Name Position Phone
Jimmy LapointeAbitibi Project Manager819-777-7770 Ext: 183Email
Jessica RoulierAbitibi Project Coordinator819-777-7770 Ext: 181Email
Name Position Phone
Mario BedardProduction CoordinatorEmail
Sammy RancourtEstimatorEmail
Name Position Phone
Sébastien JolyRoofing director819-777-7770 Ext: 131Email
David MooreSales associate819-777-7770 Email
Alexandre LevesqueProject manager819-777-7770 Ext: 157Email
Noémie St-AubinEstimator819-777-7770 Ext: 171Email
Karen Ruiz FernandezProject Coordinator819-777-7770 Ext: 156Email
Name Position Phone
Robert GauthierProject Manager819-777-7770 Ext: 150Email
Pascal St-AmourProject Manager819-777-7770 Ext: 170Email
Robert SpiritoProject manager819-777-7770 Email
Sébastien MercierEstimator 819-777-7770 Ext: 142Email
Julie BarbierProject Coordinator819-777-7770 Ext: 119Email
Name Position Phone
Jean-Claude CoelhoDirector of Operations819-777-7770 Ext: 132Email
Nadia Beaudoin Design and risk Management819-777-7770 Ext: 117Email
Marc-André TessierEstimator819-777-7770 Email
Marjolaine PépinEstimator819-777-7770 Email
Michael AcetoEstimator819-777-7770 Ext: 149Email
Alexandre BlaisProject manager819-777-7770 Ext: 139Email
Carl DaoustProject manager819-777-7770 Ext: 118Email
Martin Mckinnon Project manager819-777-7770 Ext: 163Email
Germain HouleDesigner Designer819-777-7770 Ext: 165Email
Janie Gosselin LaverdureProject Coordinator819-777-7770 Ext: 262Email
Maude BourgeoisProject Coordinator819-777-7770 Ext: 141Email
Karima DahhakProject Coordinator819-777-7770 Ext: 261Email
Samantha SavoieProject Assistant819-777-7770 Ext: 162Email
Marcel DierensSuperintendent819-777-7770 Email
Pierre MartinProduct coordinator819-777-7770 Email
Christian Proulx Concept Designer 819-777-7770 Ext: 169Email
Name Position Phone
Jean-Michel LatremouilleProject manager819-777-7770 Ext: 214Email
Benoit TremblayProject manager819-777-7770 Ext: 211Email
Alex MartinJunior Project Manager819-777-7770 Ext: 213Email
Éric DurocherSuperintendent819-777-7770 Email


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